The Oregon Legislative Aessembly passed Oregon's Electronics Recycling Law, House Bill 2626, in 2007, with the intent of putting in place a statewide recycling system for the collection, transportation, and recycling of electronic devices, to be financed by the manufacturers of those electronic devices.  While these goals are laudable and appropriate, the results stemming from this legislature are not.

Current law states that in order for an electronic recycler to be eligible for reimbursement for the electronic devices they collect, the recycler must be CHOSEN by either the state contractor or manuracturer plans.  If a business is not allowed to participate, they are still allowed to offer electronic recycling services, but must charge fees for such services in order to remain financially sound. 

This makes it nearly impossible for any Oregon business not included in the state's program to compete.  If a business owner is not selected by the state contractor or a manufacturer, he or she is effectively ostracized from the electronic recycling market, wholly unable to offer fees low enough to Compete With FREE.

The solution is simple: Legislative policy must be shifted to allow any collector or processor of electronic devices, who can prove compliance with state-mandated environmentally sound management practices, to register with Oregon's E-Cycles Program and be eligible for reimbursement under the Program.  This will shift the E-Cycles Program so that it stops destroying small businesses in Oregon that were thriving prior to legislation.

We urge you to download this letter and send to your Representatives.

PDF IconAmending Oregon's Electronic Recycling Law

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